Our Products

  • Opal-RAD ACQ/PACS Software

    ACQ/PACS Software

    Practice Specific Acquisition/PACS Software for Chiropractic, Podiatry & Veterinary
  • DR Panels

    DR Panels

    Fixed & Wireless DR Flat Panels Available as Part of a Complete System Package or a Digital Retro-Fit Solution
  • Chiropractic DR Solutions

    Chiropractic DR Solutions

    Complete DR Systems & Digital Retro-Fit Solutions Featuring Tailored Hardware & Software for the Chiropractic Market
  • Podiatry DR Solutions

    Podiatry DR Solutions

    PXS710-D Complete Digital Imaging System for Podiatry- Retro-fit Any X-Cel Podiatry X-ray Machine Manufactured Post 1991
  • Veterinary DR Solutions

    Veterinary DR Solutions

    Complete High Frequency Veterinary DR Systems & Digital Retro-Fit Solutions
  • Ergonomic Workstations

    Ergonomic Workstations

    We Include A Customized Ergonomic Workstation With All Of Our Digital Imaging System Solutions!
  • Radiography Equipment

    Radiography Equipment

    Complete High Frequency X-ray Systems w/ Anatomical Programming from 20/20 Imaging, Summit Industries & Universal. New/Used Parts & Equipment Available.
  • Protective Apparel

    Protective Apparel

    Lead Aprons, Lead Gloves, Thyroid Collars, Lead Glasses, Breast Guards & Gonadal Guards
  • Patient Positioning

    Patient Positioning

    Complete Positioning Sponge Kits, Wedge & Extremity Positioning Sponges, Head/Neck Support
  • Sandbags


    Patient Positioning Sandbags- Sandbag Sets & Complete Kits
  • Marker Sets

    Marker Sets

    Aluminum Casing & Polystrene Casing Marker Sets, Position Indicator Markers, Digital Imaging Markers w/ CM Ruler & Personal Touch Markers
  • Weight Bearing Platforms & Step Stools

    Weight Bearing Platforms & Step Stools

    2 Step Weight Bearing Platform, Single & Double Step Standard Duty & Heavy Duty Step Stools
  • Protective Shields & Barriers

    Protective Shields & Barriers

    Height Adjustable X-ray Shields & Lead Barriers
  • X-ray Film

    X-ray Film

    Radiomat Plus High Contrast X-ray Film- Green, Full Speed Blue & Half Speed Blue- Buy 2 or More Boxes of Equal Size & Save 5%, Plus Free Shipping on Orders of $70 or more!
  • Filing, Mailing & Storage

    Filing, Mailing & Storage

    AGFA Negative Preservers, Single or Dual Pocket X-ray Jackets, Mailing Envelopes, CD/DVD Sleeves/Mailers & Film Storage Boxes


APX Imaging, Inc. is a full service x-ray dealer in Illinois with over 30 years in business!

In addition to a wide selection of X-ray Supplies & Accessories, we offer Complete & Retro-Fit Digital X-ray Systems, New/Used X-ray Equipment, as well as, New/Used Parts. We provide X-ray Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services, as well as, On-Site/Remote Technical Support for 20/20 Imaging's Opal-Rad Diagnosis & Analysis Software.

We offer Free Shipping on select items with a minimum $70 purchase! Sales made to out-of-state customers are exempt from Illinois state sales tax!