Our Products

  • Opal-RAD ACQ/PACS Software

    ACQ/PACS Software

    Practice Specific Acquisition/PACS Software for Chiropractic, Podiatry & Veterinary
  • DR Panels

    DR Panels

    Fixed & Wireless DR Flat Panels Available as Part of a Complete System Package or a Digital Retro-Fit Solution
  • Chiropractic DR Solutions

    Chiropractic DR Solutions

    Complete DR Systems & Digital Retro-Fit Solutions Featuring Tailored Hardware & Software for the Chiropractic Market
  • Podiatry DR Solutions

    Podiatry DR Solutions

    PXS710-D Complete Digital Imaging System for Podiatry- Retro-fit Any X-Cel Podiatry X-ray Machine Manufactured Post 1991
  • Veterinary DR Solutions

    Veterinary DR Solutions

    Complete High Frequency Veterinary DR Systems & Digital Retro-Fit Solutions
  • Radiography Equipment

    Radiography Equipment

    Complete High Frequency X-ray Systems w/ Anatomical Programming from 20/20 Imaging, Summit Industries & Universal. New/Used Parts & Equipment Available.
  • Protective Apparel

    Protective Apparel

    Lead Aprons, Lead Gloves, Thyroid Collars, Lead Glasses, Breast Guards & Gonadal Guards
  • Patient Positioning

    Patient Positioning

    Complete Positioning Sponge Kits, Wedge & Extremity Sponges, Head/Neck Support, Sandbags, Weight-Bearing Platforms & Step Stools
  • Marker Sets

    Marker Sets

    Aluminum Casing & Polystrene Casing Marker Sets, Position Indicator Markers, Digital Imaging Markers w/ CM Ruler & Personal Touch Markers
  • X-ray Room Accessories

    X-ray Room Accessories

    Protective Shields & Barriers, X-ray Table Pads, Apron & Sandbag Racks, Ergonomic Workstations & X-ray Room Signs
  • X-ray Film

    X-ray Film

    Radiomat Plus High Contrast X-ray Film- Green, Full Speed Blue & Half Speed Blue- Buy 2 or More Boxes of Equal Size & Save 5%, Plus Free Shipping on Orders of $70 or more!
  • Filing, Mailing & Storage

    Filing, Mailing & Storage

    AGFA Negative Preservers, Single or Dual Pocket X-ray Jackets, Mailing Envelopes, CD/DVD Sleeves/Mailers & Film Storage Boxes


APX Imaging, Inc. first opened its doors as Allied Professional Systems, Inc., back in 1985. For over 30 years we have served small to medium sized clinical specialties throughout the greater Chicagoland area, providing affordable x-ray imaging system solutions & dependable, expert service.

APX Imaging has been family owned and operated over 30 years, and remains so today. We believe that our success is dependent upon the success our customers. We have always strived to offer affordable and competitive rates for the tools and support health care providers need to safely, efficiently, and effectively diagnose, and treat their patients. But more importantly, our aim is to build longstanding business relationships, so that our companies can continue to grow together.....