About us


APX Imaging, Inc. first opened its doors as Allied Professional Systems, Inc., back in 1985. For over 30 years we have served small to medium sized clinical specialties throughout the greater Chicagoland area, providing affordable x-ray system solutions, x-ray supplies and accessories and dependable, expert service.

APX Imaging has been family owned and operated over 30 years, and remains so today. We believe that our success is dependent upon the success our customers. We have always strived to offer affordable and competitive rates for the tools and support health care providers need to safely, efficiently, and effectively diagnose and treat their patients. But more importantly, our aim is to build longstanding business relationships, so that our companies can continue to grow together.


Over the years we have partnered with many of the top manufacturers to provide our customers with proven and reliable x-ray system solutions. APX Imaging is a certified dealer for 20/20 Imaging (Konica-Minolta) and offers both retro-fit solutions and complete digital imaging system packages for:

We have multiple DR Flat Panel configurations available with practice specific Acquisition/PACS Software, including the:

Digital imaging allows healthcare providers to streamline their workflow, which saves them a great deal of both time and money. Patient Images are acquired within just seconds of exposure and are automatically saved to the PACS, which can then be accessed on multiple devices in your network.

The software is very user friendly and there is an abundance of self-help PDF’s and tutorial videos readily available for view or download, directly from our site. Alternatively, our technicians can be reached directly by phone or via email to provide technical support, or to assist with any questions you, or your staff may have.

In addition to, both retro-fit and complete digital imaging system solutions, APX Imaging also offers new/used analog x-ray systems, new/used parts and a wide selection of x-ray supplies & accessories.


APX Imaging is a full service dealer that provides an array of x-ray imaging services and support including:

Whether you are replacing your current x-ray system or building out a new space, APX Imaging can provide site planning assistance to ensure, not only that your installation goes smoothly, but that your x-ray is in compliance with the regulatory guidelines set forth by the Department of Nuclear Safety.

APX Imaging can also facilitate IT services to run network cabling, install wall plates/ports and configure your private network in a manner that is both secure and optimized for the needs of your clinic.

If you are in need of diagnostic & repair services, and/or technical support, we understand the importance of providing a quick response time and a speedy resolution to your problem. Our goal is, not only to help you achieve the very best image quality that your x-ray has to offer, but also to ensure that you experience as little downtime as possible.

At APX Imaging we pride ourselves on being your “go-to” x-ray guys, for all of your x-ray imaging needs.

Give us a call today to find out how we can streamline your workflow & help you to achieve superior image quality, with the very best digital imaging systems available today for the private practice market.