• X-ray System Diagnosis & Repair

    X-ray System Diagnosis & Repair

    APX Imaging has provided Illinois health care professionals with X-ray Diagnostic and Repair Services for over 30 years.

  • On-Site/Remote Technical Support

    On-Site/Remote Technical Support

    APX Imaging provides on-site & remote technical support. We guarantee the availability of technical support on a long term basis for all of the products featured on this site.

  • X-ray Film Processor Maintenance & Repair

    X-ray Film Processor Maintenance & Repair

    APX Imaging has provided film processor maintenance and repair services for over 30 years! Get on a routine maintenance schedule & significantly reduce the likelihood of downtime as a result of chemical degradation or equipment malfunction.

  • Installation & Staff Training

    Installation & Staff Training

    Whether you are retro-fitting a DR panel to your existing x-ray or installing a complete new system solution, APX Imaging can ensure that your installation goes smoothly, and is completed in a timely fashion.

  • Site Planning

    Site Planning

    APX Imaging can assist in planning the layout of equipment in your x-ray room, as well as, the necessary space, power, & network requirements. But more importantly, we ensure that your x-ray is installed in compliance with the regulatory guidelines set forth by the state.

  • IT Services

    IT Services

    Our IT professionals can assist in running the necessary cabling, installing wall plates/ports, and configuring your network in a manner that is both secure, and ideally optimized for the needs of your clinic.

  • Technique Assistance & Staff Training

    Technique Assistance & Staff Training

    APX Imaging can assist in fine tuning your technique and craft a customized technique chart that is specifically tailored to your x-ray.