Installation & Staff Training


Whether you are retro-fitting a DR panel to your existing x-ray or installing a complete new system solution, APX Imaging can ensure that your installation goes smoothly, and is completed in a timely fashion.

Retro-fit solutions involve installing a custom grid cabinet/grid tray to your existing x-ray, which houses the DR panel. Retro-fit options provide an affordable avenue to digital imaging without having to replace the entirety of your x-ray system.

In some cases, modifications to the layout of your x-ray equipment, and/or replacement of specific system components may be necessary to accommodate for the new digital.

Alternatively, the wireless panels are cassette sized (14×17) and can be utilized as you would a normal cassette. Therefore, no custom grid cabinet or other alterations to your existing equipment are necessary.

Acquisition/Server PC Workstations can be wall-mounted, or installed on a mobile cart. We offer several different options for PC workstations and will generally recommend one based on the application, and available space in your x-ray room. These workstations help to streamline workflow, save space, and provide for a clean and organized workspace.

If your existing analog x-ray is an old 60 cycle system we highly recommend replacing the unit with a modern, high frequency system. However, this is not necessary to go digital. Your x-ray equipment can be replaced or upgraded at any time in the future.

High Frequency x-ray allows for shorter exposure times, and is overall less dose to the patient.

Whether we retro-fitting your existing x-ray with a new DR panel, or installing a complete new system, calibration of your x-ray, as well as, adjustments to your x-ray to light field are included as part of your installation.

If you are building out a new space, APX Imaging can also provide site planning assistance to ensure, not only that your installation goes smoothly, but that your x-ray meets the regulatory guidelines set forth by the Department of Nuclear Safety.

If we are replacing your x-ray with a complete new system, removal and disposal of your old equipment will be included in your installation cost.

Should you decide to keep your old equipment for use at another location, now or in the future, we are happy to transport the equipment to a location of your choosing for storage or re-installation.

Once your new equipment has been installed & calibrated, a customized technique chart specifically tailored to your x-ray will be provided to you. We will also provide you and/or your staff with adequate training on the general use of the equipment and software.

Moving forward, beyond your installation, our technicians can be reached directly by phone or via email to provide technical support, or to assist with any questions you or your staff may have.

Installation times vary, but we generally recommend planning on 2 days to complete installation and staff training.

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