X-ray Film Processor Maintenance & Repair


APX Imaging has provided film processor maintenance and repair services for over 30 years. We will continue to provide service and support for these units in the years to come.

We have a plethora of new/used parts in stock for wide variety of film processors including Alphatek, Fischer, Hope & Konica.

Processor service is billed hourly with a minimum one hour charge per visit. Other cost associated with this service include systems cleaner (acidic cleaner specifically designed for x-ray developer and fixer), parts, supplies, and travel.

Get on a routine maintenance schedule with our Preventative Maintenance Program and significantly reduce the likelihood of downtime as a result of chemical degradation and/or equipment malfunction.

We also offer our very own Preventative Maintenance Program Processor Service Contract, which is an annual service contract that includes routine maintenance and effectively caps your labor for the year. In the event that your processor required diagnostic and repair services in between your routine maintenance, the labor portion of your repair would be covered under the terms of your contract.

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